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10/17/2016 4:17:51 PM

JKL supports the non-profit organisation HelloWorld!

JKL supports the non-profit organisation Hello World! that works to promote digital creativity among young people. The goal is to light 20,000 digital stars for 2020.

Sara Holmberg, consultant at JKL, works with the project. We asked her about Hello World! and what type of support JKL provides.

- Hello World! is a nonprofit organisation that promotes digital creativity among children and young people. They hosted their first digital camp in Stockholm’s archipelago this past summer, and with help from technology students from universities across the country the children learned and improved their skills in coding and digital creation. JKL has been partnering with Hello World! from the very beginning – we were one of their first supporting partners. JKL supports Hello World! with pro bono communication services such as media strategy. Together with our sister company MSLGROUP, we’ve produced short video clips about the camp and Hello World!

What has impressed you most about Hello World! and their work?

- It is very impressive to see how fast all the young people learn and develop their skills in this field. There has been a huge amount of interest from children across the country in Hello Worlds! camps and digital meet-ups, which really illustrates the need for Hello World! in Sweden. Hello World! fills a very important gap in Swedish society. Through their activities, we’re ensuring that we’ll have a large enough skilled work force in the digital future.

In your view, what should a company consider when choosing to get involved in a pro bono project and why have JKL chosen to be a partner company to Hello World?

- I think the most important thing is to support a pro bono project that’s related to the firm’s core activities. It is crucial to JKL to ensure that Sweden has sufficient digital expertise in the future, and we can support this cause by doing what we know best – using strategic communication to spread the word about Hello World! and the importance of promoting digital skills among young people.