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MSLGROUP strengthens its branded content and video offering with recruitment of top Swedish commercial video team

8/12/2015 2:02:46 PM

MSLGROUP strengthens its branded content and video offering with recruitment of top Swedish commercial video team

Branded content – particularly video – is an increasingly important component of effective marketing communication and advocacy programmes, and represents a growing proportion of MSLGROUP Stockholm’s client assignments. MSLGROUP announces today the dramatic strengthening of its offering in this area with the recruitment of one of Sweden’s top commercial video production teams.
The team – comprised of Mats Dicklén, Calle Schulman and a group of key people within production and project management – will be joining MSLGROUP starting Monday the 17th of August. The team will be part of the fast growing, prize-winning MSL Studios, which serves MSLGROUP in all four Nordic countries.
”Many of our clients are looking for a partner who can offer 360 solutions with in-house resources, which improves quality, control, efficiency and especially speed. A key aspect of this is the ability to work with creative and branded content that is fully integrated into the strategic and creative process, and then to retain control during the implementation phase,” says Jan Lindow, CEO of MSLGROUP Stockholm. “With the recruitment of this team, we now have leading-edge expertise in the increasingly important field of video – something I know our clients will highly appreciate.”
”We have been working with MSLGROUP for many years and have had a growing urge to work more closely with them, and to participate in the strategic and creative process at an earlier stage and work with more clients,” says Calle Schulman, who will assume the role of Creative Director at MSLGROUP Stockholm. “We are ready and raring to go, and it’s going to be fantastic to work in a Nordic environment that includes JKL as well as MSL.”
Mats, Calle and the other team members come most recently from HardHat, which has been a leading producer of branded content in Sweden and other Nordic countries for several years.
For additional information, please contact:

Jan Lindow, CEO MSLGROUP Stockholm                                                                                             
Tel: +46 (0)70 940 5834