Rina Brunsell Harsvik


Phone number: +47 (0)91 83 96 02

Rina Brunsell Harsvik is manager and head of public affairs at MSLGROUP. She has extensive experience with the communication field and politics. Rina has been a communication director at two major public entreprises, Entra Eiendom and Forsvarsbygg, and has broad experience and  insight from governmental policymaking processes and systems.  She has worked at Gambit Hill&Knowlton with communication strategies especially in regards to private sector developement and political decisionmaking.   As  a member of Oslo City Council for 16 years – representing the Labour Party – she was chair and co-chair of the urban developement comittee.,  and she was pivotal i the major developement of the Bjørvika area, and several other infrastructure projects. She  also has experience from several NGOs, among them Max Havelaar and the Norwegian Friends of the Earth, where she developed a program for engaging young people in energy conservation issues, that are still used in schools all over Europe. Her greatest strengths are identifying, analyzing and developing strategic communications on behalf of public and private enterprises, and applying them to their most important target groups. She is energetic with a large working capacity. She has a cand.mag. degree from the University of Oslo in political science, sociology and environmental administration