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Financial Communication

Businesses and organisations need to manage increasingly complex relationships with stakeholder groups that include owners, capital markets, customers and clients, the media, society, government authorities and internal stakeholders.

We advise clients on special projects such as M&As, IPOs, fund raisings, restructurings and financial crises, and provide on-going advice in areas including financial public relations, investor relations, corporate governance and corporate reporting.


As the leading Nordic M&A advisor and part of a leading global communication group, JKL has unparalleled advisory capability in the Nordic region and in cross-border transactions. We deliver strategic communication advice to listed and non-listed clients in relation to recommended and unsolicited transactions. Representing bidders as well as targets, we advise clients on how a transaction will be received by the media and capital markets and develop a communication strategy to reach all audiences in a multi-stakeholder approach.

As a full-range communication advisory firm, we also support our clients with all non-financial aspects of a transaction, such as regulatory affairs, public affairs, consumer opinion, internal communications, etc.

JKL also has experts in Brussels to support clients with competition approvals and other EU-related regulatory aspects.


Going public is a major undertaking that encompasses significant communication components targeting several diverse audiences. JKL works alongside financial and legal advisors throughout the IPO process and provides comprehensive communication advice, including:

  • Development and dissemination of the corporate and equity stories
  • Preparation of management for engaging with media and capital markets
  • Media programme for the right type and amount of visibility
  • Development of proper IR procedures, including web-based investor communication
  • Post-listing IR and media programme to support liquidity, valuation and perception

Normally, JKL also broadens the communicative perspective and efforts to leverage the IPO, as this process represents a unique opportunity for a company to develop its communication, position and visibility in a manner that not only paves the way for a successful IPO, but also boosts commercial success by building recognition and credibility among key stakeholders.

Investor Relations and Financial PR

JKL provides clients with IR support focused not only on regulatory compliance but also on identifying and addressing specific perception and valuation drivers, with the aim of supporting liquidity, share price and corporate reputation.

We provide both long-term advice to establish best practice procedures and short-term support for various projects. We can also serve as an outsourced Investor Relations department.

Typical services include:

  • Market intelligence and perception studies
  • Development of proper IR procedures, including web-based investor communication
  • Benchmarking
  • Investor audits and investor outreach
  • Facilitation of meetings between management and existing/potential investors
  • Analysis of investor discussions to uncover future messaging strategies
  • Organisation of financial road shows and capital market days
  • Spokesperson training ahead of meetings with financial media and analysts
  • Managing relationship with financial media

Financial Crisis

JKL has extensive experience in helping clients mitigate the impact of a crisis and safeguard corporate reputation as well as day-to-day operations.

Crises always arise unexpectedly and can have a significant impact on a company’s reputation and ability to operate. Once a crisis occurs, assessments must be made carefully – but also quickly and decisively. These assessments will inevitably be made under difficult circumstances, as those managing the crisis will be under increasing pressure to provide information, direction and a sense of stability to internal and external stakeholders.

Preparation is key, and the best way to prepare for a crisis is to go through one. See how a crisis simulation works:

PR for Financial Institutions

JKL frequently assists financial institutions in positioning their companies and products on an increasingly competitive market. Based on our solid media and financial industry expertise, we assist in developing and disseminating appropriate messages to help our clients establish their market position and enhance their external perception and reputation.


Corporate reporting

Corporate reporting plays a crucial role in creating trust among a company’s various stakeholders. It is also a decisive opportunity to communicate the equity story and reach out with key messages about the business. JKL has extensive experience in working with clients in both the public and private spheres, developing annual and sustainability reports either separately or as an integrated product. We take responsibility for the entire process of report development – including analysis, concept development, information gathering, production and distribution. We serve as project manager and provide strategic communication advice throughout the entire process.