Strategic Counsel & Financial Communications

Many of JKL’s client relationships span years, even decades. Over time, the changing nature of influence and the increasing pressure on clients to build and maintain corporate reputation has required new and innovative thinking, working beyond traditional Public Relations to delivering a seamless offer that supports corporate reputation across stakeholder groups, from investor relations to employee engagement.

Integrated and creative approach

We recognize that there are no boundaries between traditional and online communications, and so we fully integrate digital communications into everything we do. We use actionable primary and secondary research to deliver insights that inform the recommendations we give to clients.

Our digital expertise enables us to provide holistic communications consultancy and advice, helping our clients to manage their reputation both off and online. We are channel agnostic in our thinking, preferring to focus on crafting content and engagement led campaigns, disciplined by data, insight and creativity.

Our creative capabilities ensure we offer a comprehensive digital service whether it be through content marketing, microsite development, influencer partnerships or supporting the ‘always-on’. We optimize and activate campaigns and use smart paid advertising techniques, strategic asset development and effective community management to directly improve online visibility and audience engagement.

Investor relations

JKL works with management teams and investor relations professionals to build and implement programs that engage existing and potential shareholders, equity analysts, corporate governance and proxy advisory firms, rating agencies, and others.

As an industry leader in international investor communications, we have advised small cap emerging markets companies through to many of the world’s biggest organizations. We tailor our advice and solutions to be appropriate to each of our clients, whether the communications is targeted at equity or debt-focused audiences.

Employer reputation management

Employee engagement, human talent acquisition and retention is now even more critical to the modern business agenda, with talent management being a business critical issue for today’s CEO. Employer branding and employer reputation is essential in ensuring any organization is attracting the very best talent, both for today and for tomorrow.

We deliver employer branding and talent acquisition strategies, campaigns and bespoke marketing communication tools that build reputations and position our clients as employers of choice.

Science and innovation

Investment in science and innovation is crucial to the long-term success of many companies. When communicated effectively, it can deliver substantial reputational benefits, strengthening a company’s image and showcasing a commitment to tackling social and environmental challenges.

We work with a range of clients from large multinational companies to research institutions and NGOs to build their reputation through science. Whether it is communicating new research findings, or delivering platforms to demonstrate a company’s long-term innovation strategy, we develop solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.


The sustainability of an organization is defined by its ability to achieve long-term growth and to deliver long-term returns for its stakeholders. This requires a company to be aware of all of the factors that can impact its performance. Some of these factors will be financial, but others will include environmental, social and governance issues.

We lead the industry in understanding the sustainability factors that can impact stakeholder decision-making. We apply our knowledge to help companies change the way that they operate, communicate best practice internally, and demonstrate to the outside world that responsible business practice contributes to long term growth.

Media and situation training

We recognize the exceptionally high degree of scrutiny placed on executives of customer-facing businesses, and we know that presenting in public, or being interviewed by a journalist is an art. But it’s an art that can be improved through practice.

JKL professionals have media trained hundreds of CEOs and organization leaders.

Collectively, our media trainers have decades of experience at the top of some of the best-known media organizations worldwide, and we pride ourselves on creating customized instruction that addresses the strengths and opportunities of every person we train.

Our process emphasizes message training, including developing “go-to statements” and personalized narratives as well as a discussion of techniques for responding to challenging questions. Each training session also includes an on-camera Q&A in which executives can practice messaging and response techniques.

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