Purpose, Sustainability & ESG

Organisations are facing unparalleled pressure from investors, consumers, employees, potential talent, regulators and society to take strong positions and to be transparent in relation to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. The pressure to ensure that businesses are well run, transparent and making a positive contribution to society is rising. While ESG risks have been on the minds of investors and boards for some time, employees and wider society are increasingly judgmental about companies. They are demanding that organisations – and their executives – take a clear stance on social and political issues, leading with a purpose that goes beyond generating returns for investors alone.

Every organisation now requires a clear framework – driven by a tailored corporate purpose – to navigate highly scrutinized and rapidly evolving sustainability and ESG landscapes.

Our Purpose, Sustainability and ESG experts and accredited sustainability reporting specialists bring decades of experience positioning high profile clients among their internal and external stakeholders. We leverage expertise from across industries and sectors for clients that are ready to establish or enhance their profiles in Purpose, Sustainability & ESG. We challenge the way that they think or communicate about these important topics and help them consider how to integrate these principles into business and employment strategy. We drive best practice and education internally and help clients demonstrate to the outside world that responsible business practice and good governance contributes to long term growth and value creation.

Our approach is strengthened by our broad expertise in all areas of strategic communications and embodies a culture of excellence in client collaboration with a full range of services including analysis, strategy, activation and measurement.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • Purpose architecture and activation
  • Strategic sustainability frameworks
  • Responsible and impact investment communications
  • Sustainability and ESG reporting
  • Materiality analysis and benchmarking
  • ESG risk mitigation and communication
  • Mapping and communicating on UN Sustainable Development Goals and climate


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