Public Affairs

Companies and organizations have to give voice to their interests in the public and political spheres.

In Europe through our dedicated public affairs teams in Berlin, Brussels and Stockholm we have the knowledge and experience to help our clients promote their interests with policy makers, legislators and other groups such as labor unions and associations to gain competitive advantage.

We offer tailor-made public affairs strategies and solutions based upon a precise analysis of political backgrounds and procedures, alongside knowledge of the decision-makers and their interests. We advise our clients during dialogue with the European Commission, parliament, administration, regulatory authorities, associations, unions, foundations, churches and other NGOs and help them to build networks and strategic alliances.

Our experts build relationships with political decision-makers as well as representatives from civil society. Our unique network ensures our clients achieve their objectives through direct dialogue with all relevant stakeholders.

Political due diligence

Before companies are able to take decisions on market entry or a particular investment, they require reliable information on market regulation and the political agenda.

By undertaking political due diligence, we capture and analyze the regulatory and political frameworks on which a company’s strategic decisions depend.

Transaction public affairs

Capital market transactions like privatizations, IPOs, or mergers and acquisitions have highly political implications. Active and clear communication and the early involvement of political decision makers is often essential to a transaction’s success.

We help to develop and implement strategies to address potential issues among relevant political stakeholders. We explain the social and economic consequences of a given transaction for the related region and stakeholders – generating political support or allaying potential concerns and increasing transaction security.



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