Cyber Security

Cyber crime is one of the most significant existential risks to businesses and their reputations. Reported crimes are increasing year-on-year, hurting competitiveness, discouraging innovation, damaging trade and sapping growth.

Kekst CNC has developed a proven, three-pronged approach to cyber crisis management, and we have extensive experience assisting companies with:

  1. Preparedness & planning
  2. Simulations and training
  3. Support and execution

Our proprietary structured program of cyber risk assessment and scenario testing can range from basic introductions to the key principles of cyber crisis communications, to development of full crisis manuals and bespoke immersive simulations.

When a cyber issue occurs, we are ready to step in with an experienced crisis management global team that can provide communications support from materials drafting and digital monitoring through to communications with the media, customers and other stakeholders. We understand the current communications and media landscape and use communications to accomplish strategic business objectives.

Kekst CNC is committed to providing our clients the right resources for their needs to support their internal team, as well as their legal and IT forensic advisors. We have deep partnerships in the insurance, legal and cyber intelligence industries to give greater breadth and depth to our offering.

We also recognize that the “long tail” of a cyber incident can result in additional communications challenges, and we often serve as partners to help organizations rebuild reputations.

In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) regime places greater communications requirements on companies experiencing a data breach, and higher penalties for failure to comply.

Kekst CNC has extensive expertise managing communications in connection with a wide range of different types of attacks, with compromised information, including: PII, HIPAA and FERPA data, including the following types of incidents: data loss, ransomware/malware, DoS attacks, Phishing, Web App Attacks, Insider Misuse, POS Intrusion, and Card Skimming.



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