Crisis and Issues Management

The Kekst CNC situation room is our powerful, internally created, real-time, bespoke crisis training tool designed to test crisis plans and teams.

The way a crisis or a major issue is managed can define a company’s reputation for years to come. JKL's experience in this area is unrivaled with involvement in virtually every type of crisis and problem:

  • Accounting irregularities, and balance sheet and liquidity issues
  • Cybersecurity incidents and data breaches
  • Management changes or succession issues
  • Regulatory investigations and settlements
  • Product recalls and liability matters
  • Environmental and operational accidents
  • Facility safety and workplace issues
  • Consumer, environmental and other NGO-driven campaigns
  • Workforce reductions and labor disputes
  • Sexual harassment and racial discrimination issues
  • Executive or other employee malfeasance

Our team is highly experienced in helping companies address these critical issues, working alongside management, boards, internal teams and advisors. We recognize that a communications strategy that builds trust is often the deciding factor in successfully handling a crisis. The interests of employees, customers and suppliers must be taken into account alongside those of the banks, creditors and the political world.

Crisis prevention is obviously better than a cure, so JKL specializes in offering our clients best-in-class crisis preparedness materials and training. To complement our work on table-tops and other bespoke simulations, we have developed an immersive crisis preparedness training tool, the Situation Room. This uses proprietary hardware and software to develop bespoke training workshops and simulation exercises that can mimic specific elements of a crisis all the way up to a fully developed real-time scenario, enabling us to create programs that best meet a client's needs and experience.



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