Change Communications

The key to successful change is the adaptation of an organization and its cultures to the new circumstances. We support our clients through tailored change communications during periods of transition and transformation such as mergers, crises and re-organization.

JKL has many years of in-house experience of change management and significant hands-on expertise. We can form change communications teams and train the in-house team members. We bring tried and tested approaches as well as long-standing links with specialist HR resources to offer a complete solution.

Digital transformation

As organizations and whole industries and being transformed by digital technologies, AI and automation, the impact upon the organization and those who work there is often profound.  The Kekst CNC team specializes in working alongside management teams during these periods of change and business transformation to manage communications with internal teams and their representatives as well as the wider communities.

Communications reorganization

In a fast-changing world of communications, optimizing structures, reporting lines and roles has become an important element in ensuring that “always on” communications delivers as it is meant to.

Our long-standing expertise places us in a unique position to advise management teams and communications heads on this area and to provide them with clear and appropriate benchmarks.

Senior executive change

When a leader leaves, even if the departure has long been expected, the organization needs to adjust, take stock and move forward reflecting the strategy and management approach of the successor.

We work with a new CEO and their teams to build trust inside the organization as well as among external stakeholder groups to support the understanding of the developing strategy in the critical first 100 days.

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