Alternative Investments

Kekst CNC has one of the largest – if not the largest – Alternative Investments practices in the world, serving more than 60 private equity, hedge fund and other private capital clients across range of strategies, geographies and business and communications objectives.

While some firms choose to be highly visible and others prefer minimal public attention, all recognize that it is critical to manage and actively think about their communications profile in the media and with the audiences that matter.

We develop tailored programs to build and preserve investment firms’ reputations and help achieve their business objectives. These can include strengthening deal flow, increasing awareness within the institutional investor community, supporting investment activities, or recruiting outstanding professionals.

The excellent relationships we have with the media covering private equity, hedge funds and related areas are brought to bear in our client work.

The Kekst CNC Risk Audit: Private equity owners are often exposed to unknown reputational risks, inherent to their portfolios or business units. Our tailor-made analysis helps to identify and assess these hazards, in turn enabling the management to better protect the company’s reputation.



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