Giving Back

Kekst CNC is committed to responsible and ethical business practices and takes that approach into the communities of which we are a part. As a business and as individuals, we support, positive engagement with our local communities, and worthwhile cultural initiatives.


Kekst CNC is proud to support ArtsConnection, which partners with elementary, middle and high schools across all five boroughs of New York City to integrate the arts – dance, theater, visual arts, media and music – into students’ overall learning and development.

As part of that relationship, Kekst CNC is currently hosting at its offices Viewpoints, Stories and Connections, an exhibition of original student artwork from participants in ArtsConnection’s Student Art Program, which showcases works by young artists in grades 6-12 from a wide cross-section of New York City’s public schools.

Royal Court Theatre

At Kekst CNC, our intention is always to look at problems differently, consistently challenging the status quo with new and creative thinking. This principle is reflected in our long-standing support of the Royal Court Theatre, otherwise known as the ‘writers’ theatre.’ It prides itself on being a hothouse for innovation, ideas and for energetically cultivating undiscovered, emerging and established writers.

Innovation Day

Innovation Day is an annual initiative that brings together individuals from across the Publicis Groupe to collectively solve the business and communications challenges facing a number of social enterprises.  These enterprises are drawn from a wide range of causes, from supporting refugees to innovative technology that identifies the safest routes for women walking alone.  Each year, Kekst CNC contributes its specific skills to these diverse teams, sharing knowledge, and challenging both the enterprises and each other to think in different ways and explore new approaches to solving business challenges.

Hello World!

JKL, Kekst CNC in Sweden, provides ad hoc PR and communication support TO Hello World!, an association aimed at supporting digital creation for young people though summer camps and weekend meetups. The focus is to encourage girls and people from less privileged backgrounds to get access to digital creation and programming skills and the ultimate purpose is to support the competitiveness of Swedish businesses that are expected to need an additional 70 000 programmers in the next decade.

Social Impact Accelerator

Thinking outside the box, challenging the status quo and implementing new ideas – this way of thinking is precisely what social entrepreneurs and Kekst CNC have in common. That is why we have partnered with Ashoka, the global network for social entrepreneurs. As part of our Social Impact Accelerator – Kekst CNC’s annual social innovation day – we help Ashoka fellows increase their societal impact through communication.